Weekend Bargains…Great Finds!

Being the young housewife that I am:0), I always have my eyes open for some good deals…to comfy up our home and save my hubby’s wallet:0)Yes, champagne taste on a beer budget:0)….and I don’t even drink! lol!
So this weekend I got some GREAT bargains for the house….I wasn’t really lookin for anything in particular..but scored big time!
Friday night I hit up Target and snagged these 3 mirrors for 10.00 each originally 40.00 each! They were all ding and nicked…just like I LOVE them:0) and these two lamps….7.00 each originally 30.00 each. I think I might use them in the boys room and the game room.
Speaking of the boys room. I got their BEDDING!!!!! I’ve been looking for weeks, thinking I was gonna spend a the LEAST about $400.00 (with DEALS and some homemade things) to dress their beds.

I was sad.

But this weekend I remembered that my mamma had an ebay business for ummmmm BEDDING!!!! DUH!!! So I went shoppin at Mamma C’s house! She gave me a smokin daughter discount…and through in some free stuff! Yeah, she’s pretty awesome!

mom and kel Mom and Kel

When it comes to bedding, no one knows how to dress a bed like my mom…comfortable and OHHH so pretty! With the best linens! Check out what I got….

2 Nautica Comforters
2 Tommy  Sheet Sets
2 Tommy Standard Shams
2 Ralph Lauren White King Shams
3 Curtain Panels
2 Sets of Flat Ralph Lauren Bear Sheets
1 Fitted Ralph Lauren Bear Sheets
2 Ralph Lauren Blue and Red Striped Pillows
2 Ralph Lauren Shams
1 Ralph Lauren Cotton Blanket
All this for 125.00…i know I KNOW i know….i told you!

These four planters 4 for 5.00 via Craigslist
I immediately added some pale yellow spray paint to them……..IMG_0028
Scone 5.00
I also picked up a 50.00 sofa table from Pottery Barn and 2 Dining Chairs 25.00 each from Ethan Allen BOTH craigslist finds, which are both at my parents house:0)
Finding a good bargain reminds me how I met Mr.Right….it’s when your not looking, the best makes it self known! So just keep strollin down those isles and typin in those keywords:0). Most of the time you’ll run into some OK deals BUT that ONE time you might just hit the jack pot!!!
What deals have you found lately? Share…PLEASE!


  1. Oh my goodness-GREAT FINDS!!


  2. Ummmm, I’m going shopping at Mama C’s house. Hello, there’s an idea for a blog Mama C!!!!

  3. So when can we go shopping at Mama’s house? hello good finds! I can’t wait to see the kiddos room all put together :)

    ~ Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress”

  4. Nothing for my home…but found a cute pair of sunglasses at Kohls for $2.90 :) I was so happy ’cause my favorite pair broke today(they get abused at the bottom of my diaper bag).

  5. You did hit the jackpot! How wonderful is your Mum, what a great deal? xx

  6. Anonymous says:

    you have GOT to provide a link to momma c’s ebay store!! are you crazy for not showing us?!?!?! i MUST check it out!!!
    please respond quickly so i can stop freakin out!! hehe
    ira lee

  7. lol! I will ask her what the link is! I know that she only has about 20% of her inventory online though…I will tell her to update it with all the stuff that she has at her house!!!!!

  8. Awesomeness! I want to go shop with you – even if it’s on Craigs List! LOL :)

    I need to see a photo of your master bedroom – I’m just now preparing to “romanticfy” (made that word up meself :) ours & I just know yours is beautimous! I need ideas – I want to go all out! :)

    Your mom is as pretty as you are! Hi Mom! I bet I’m older than her, too! LOL :) :)

  9. Hi Destiny!

    Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you The Sunshine Award over at my blog. You can check it out here:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Go to my blog – you are going to be so proud of me! Score!!! :)

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