WEN 6530 6-Amp, 3 ¼-Inch Electric Hand Planer Review

Smoothing is one of the most crucial stages of wood processing. If you want to make surfaces flat and straight, an electric hand planer makes a smart choice.

Although the WEN we’ll look at today is keenly priced, you might just be surprised at the way the capable motor will permit prolonged use without burning out.

In this WEN 6530 6-Amp, 3 ¼-Inch electric hand planer review, we’ll explore a first-rate alternative to the time-intensive and tedious process of planing by hand. At just 8 pounds, you’ll get the benefit of a lightweight hand tool and the efficiency of a corded electric appliance.

Here’s a brief snapshot of the advantages and drawbacks of the WEN 6530 before we delve deeper:


  • Capable 6-amp motor allows you to rapidly process wood
  • Precise depth gauge with 16 positive stops helps you remove up to 1/8-inch of wood
  • Can cover an area 3 ¼-inch wide so ideal for working with bulky planks
  • Nifty onboard storage for blade replacement wrench
  • Imparts a perfect finish on hardwood with a single pass
  • Cut rabbets adjustable to 1 inch for full flexibility when overlapping
  • Shoe has V-shaped groove helping you make accurate facets
  • Trigger lock prevents accidental starting


  • Front shoe is not centered
  • Need an adaptor to hook up tool to a shop vac

Straight off the bat, any hand tools need to be comfortable to use. It takes all the joy out of a project if you end up straining yourself or blistering your hands.

The WEN’s cutterhead can revolve at up to 34,00 RPM which is pretty impressive for a small hand planer. You should generally not be forced into a second pass. The planer really comes into its own with hardwood.

When you need to tweak cutting depth, there are 16 positive stops to make adjustments a breeze. You can cut anywhere up to 1/8-inch deep with confidence and precision.

Keeping your workspace dust-free is a question of safety and comfort. There’s a handy dust bag thrown in to help you on the way. This keeps mess to a minimum, particularly valuable if you’re carrying out home DIY. The bag detaches at the flick of a switch for super-simple cleaning.

Bear in mind that if you want to connect the WEN to a vacuum, you’ll need to get yourself a separate adaptor. This is not a deal-breaker but something you should be aware of.

Southpaws often get a raw deal with power tools. That’s not the case with the WEN 6530. If you’re left-handed, just flick a switch and change the direction of the chute spitting chips and sawdust out of the planer.

You’ll also get a rabbeting guide included with this hand planer. This 5/16-inch guide is completely adjustable up to 1 inch. This allows you plenty of freedom when making rabbet cuts.

There are a couple of noteworthy safety features:

  • Trigger Lock: This device means there’s no chance of anyone firing up the planer accidentally
  • Kickstand: With the shoe raised above the surface, it’s not at risk of being damaged by the blades

Making straight and accurate cuts is essential when you’re planing wood. If you’re working with doors, boards or wood trim, the parallel fence on the WEN makes sure strokes are perfectly aligned.

There’s a chamfer groove on the base plate. This helps you create angled chamfers on your projects fuss-free. These kind of extra touches are more than you’d expect at this price point. The WEN really does represent outstanding value for money.

There’s a 2-year limited warranty that gives you a shot of confidence when you’re buying the WEN 6530. Customer care is friendly and responsive and you can call on their technicians as a last resort.

For a highly effective electric hand planer at a price you’ll love, check out the WEN 6530 today. It delivers in fine style.

Final Words

Whatever level of woodworking you want to undertake, there’s really no way around getting a decent hand planer if you want a combination of speed and results.

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