What else is your cookie cutter house missing….

I know when I look around my house the main thing that’s missing is details. Crown molding, window molding, chair rail….my ceilings are white and boring…..the ONLY architectural details are the cutouts in are family and even those are special…lol I get so upset when I think about how much money a house cost and all the cheap little things they put in it! lol! Well the great thing is that, it wasn’t meant to stay, it’s just the jump off point, and you can make your house yours, by getting as CRAZY as you want!

So about that trim and molding….you don’t have to leave it white! All though I LOVE pretty, fresh,clean white molding….black can be just as striking!

black_crown_moulding Photo via Hooked on Houses…..

I would love to do this in one of the rooms. The only thing you have to remember is if your doing it in a main area, you’ll need to think about a stopping point, otherwise you’ll end up needing to paint all your trim black to keep things consistent:0) Right?

So I’m planning on adding a lot of trim to our house this year. I think those three cutouts need something, and maybe around the doors….hey I just might be ambitious and tear out all the baseboards…OHH and the stairs need some chunky molding:0)  There’s a reason why this type of treatment has been around for centuries….it’s timeless and classy!

Here are some inspirational photos….



Those ceilings…ohh those windows, those cabinets! I love this! Love Love IT! Pretty:0)

Definitely will use this for my inspiration when I redo my kitchen….girls what’s up with us and white kitchens….we should start a club…the white kitchen club:0)

When we were house hunting here in AZ white kitchens are JUST NOT an option. I found like two builders who would do it and that’s it! They just looked at me like, why would you want white cabinets? “We have these dark cabinets..in light brown, dark brown, and really dark brown. Or red, do you want red? We have a cherry brown!” lol!! Customizing your house to fit your taste and lifestyle is sooooo FUN!


I love the doors in this picture above :0) I think I may try something like that!Trim_Express_picture_frame Classic Wainscoting!


Can’t wait to get started on some of these projects around the house!!!  But first …the nursery…the boys room….the office…the living room…the……ahhhh never mind! lol!


  1. That kitchen is gorgeous! I love the ceiling. I’ve got a list of things to do to our house, too. It’s so long I don’t know where to start!

  2. That kitchen just went into my inspiration file too :) Love it. I already have a white kitchen but the cabinet finish isn’t my favorite.. I’d love to change it but we’re putting the house back on the market this month so– no thanks! :)

  3. i agree with your whole post… i wish they would add details to homes like that.. they are so friggin cheap.. that’s why i hate az houses.

    by the way… maybe brad should work where reggie works… there is no way we can afford to do all that gorgeous trim work.. can’t wait to see it when it’s done on yours thought.

  4. Britt! lol…It takes years to make a house a home! and you and I are just getting started! When I sit and day dream about these things I reminded that in the end its all nice and pretty but it really dosen’t matter if you home isn’t kept warm with laughter, love and a whole lot of JESUS in the middle! I would take those things in a heart beat over any fluffy stuff! lol! Keep dreaming and make it happen…for cheap! lol! 20 dollars worth of molding can go along way girl!! I will help you!! Just don’t move! lol!

  5. Destiny,

    I, too, have a cookie-cutter house here in AZ! This is our second cookie-cutter home that I’ve painted yucky, boring kitchen cabinets WHITE!!!!!

    I am seriously a “White-Kitchen-Girl”. It’s the first thing people notice when they come in the house!

    (Our house is also on the small side…the kitchen is hard to miss. :) )


  6. I just love your site! I hope you don’t mind, but I left a link on my blog today, directing people to your site. I followed your tutorial on how to make those adorable hallway signs (though I adapted for my own use) and I wanted people to see how cute yours were (as opposed to my cheap imitation-ha!)

  7. You have the right idea I think. Two years ago I decided my rooms needed crown molding and we added it. Make a huge difference when we repainted. My only regret is not adding more. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Will look forward to seeing what you do. Jane F

  8. IMy house is missing EVERYTHING! I have so much more time now that I am a play-at-home mommy and am stuck in a house that I can do NOTHING with!!! I can’t wait until I can get into my own house again and do what I want! Thanks for the inspiration! LOVE LOVE this post!

  9. Hi Destiny!
    Just thought I would let you know
    I featured your blog today!
    I hope you dont mind!

  10. Love your inspiration photos, that kitchen is my absolute dream kitchen!! I totally agree w/ white kitchens…they are hard to keep clean cuz everything shows, but to me nothing is prettier.

  11. I’m with you on the white kitchens~who would want any other color? :)

    We’ve been slowly adding the details to our house. They do make all the difference.

  12. well it’s about time SOMEBODY ELSE agreed with me!! I’m having the SAME problem…cute house, but NO cutesy details went into putting it together! But slowly but surely, we are going to MAKE IT cute!! lol

    Btw, I think I should be included in the white kitchen club! lol I just painted my cabinets this off-white color, sort of ivory (wanted it to be warm-white, not cold-white)…so I guess it’s just a sickness we all have!! lol

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