What is going ON!

I know your all wondering what the heck is going on with ME and my beloved BLOG! Gezz its like months between posts right!! Well for those who follow me on Facebook, you already know the good news! Reggie pregoed my eggo AGAIN! Baby number 3 is on thier way! Right now I am about 10 weeks and still sick as a DOG! Of course it happens right when we move into our new house so all my decorating plans have been put on hold and replaced with naps and unpacking a box a day!!! Between pregnancy hormones and two little guys running around my blog has been very neglected…and probably with continue to be…lol! I seriously dont think I have even picked up a camera for like a month! SOOOOO sad! But anyways I will try my best to update you as a continue to survive this pregnancy! You all know I am hoping for a GIRL….but we will see! Continue to sneek in a little prayer for all of us!


  1. Holy cow, I have got to find you on Facebook!! CONGRATS!! Way to go, hubby! LOL :)

  2. Congrats….i have to find you too on FB.

  3. Oh my goodness! I am still just so excited about the news you shared with me via text! I won’t say the spcifics since you haven’t posted about it yet, but know that I am BEAMING…STILL!

  4. LOL!…I haven’t blogged since May! Don’t feel bad!

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