Wixey WR510 Digital Planer Readout with Fractions Review

Accuracy and precision are imperative if you want to produce top-notch woodworking projects. Near enough is simply not good enough.

There’s no one-size-fit for woodworkers, though. Whether you want to measure using the stock gauge on your portable planer, some digital calipers or a separate digital readout is largely down to personal preference.

With the Wixey WR510 digital planer readout, you can enjoy the accuracy of the best digital calipers with the convenience of a display in millimeters and fractions to save any mental arithmetic.

In this Wixey WR510 digital planer readout review, we’ll briefly examine this nifty device so you can decide if it fits the bill.

You might first look at the Wixey WR510 and imagine it’s a product servicing a created need. While you can certainly enjoy the same accuracy or better from digital calipers, this readout has a different pair of selling points…

The display is clearly visible front and center and there’s no messing around with an extra piece of kit. You’ve got everything you need right there on your power planer.

At just under $50, this readout is in the same price band as many digital calipers so where does it stand out?

Key Benefits of the Wixey WR510 Digital Planer Readout

  • Universal readout suitable for most portable planers
  • Get going straight out the box with super-simple calibration and zero ongoing maintenance
  • Crisp display showing measurements in millimeters and fractions
  • Screen is angled so you can get a clear reading from all sides
  • Power-saving auto shut-off extends battery life to an impressive 6 months

Any woodworker knows the pain of mentally converting measurements. Once the Wixey is set up, the clear readout gives you all the information you want on screen so you can focus on your workpiece, not math.

The instructions provided leave something but desired but don’t let that put you off. If you find yourself struggling, this video breaks down how to install your readout without giving yourself a headache. You’ll get mounting brackets provided so you should be up and running within minutes.

You’ll need to calibrate the readout to get going but it won’t need recalibrating until you swap out the battery or the blades wear down.

Battery life can stretch to around 6 months.  Replacement is quick and easy. An auto shut-off feature saves energy while always giving you a dual-readout when you need it.

If you’re looking to measure wood up to 6 inches in thickness with a high degree of accuracy, you can’t go far wrong with this Wixey WR510 digital planer readout. Be sure to check for compatibility before committing to purchase.

Final Words

We hope this Wixey WR510 digital planer readout review has shown you whether or not you should add it to your toolkit.

If you want a no-nonsense display that will accurately determine the thickness of your workpiece, the Wixey WR510 digital planer readout is certainly worth popping on your shortlist.

At less than $50 and backed by a 1-year full replacement warranty, you can’t ask for much more.

If you’re upgrading or intending to invest in a new planer, be sure to come back soon and check out our upcoming Top 10 Planer List.

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