Word of the Year 2013: Present

This year I decided to choose a word of the year. It’s a great alternative to a list of resolutions:0) The idea behind it is that you choose ONE word to focus on. Meaning that no matter what you do, your focus should come back to this one word.

Mine this year is….



Word of the Year-Present Quotes

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To be present in everything I’m doing.

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Most women are masters at multi-tasking and for good reason. Holding a baby on your hip, while entering tax forms on the computer and keeping an eye on your water color painting kids, is something that we have grown accustom too. Without those mad skills, a lot of things around the house just would get done.


But with something’s, actually most things, they need our full attention. Sitting in the family room watching a movie with your kids while, (insert other task here) is not the same as cuddling with your babies, laughing, and eating popcorn while watching Brave for the 13 time.

Even when it comes to this here blog, it hardly ever has my FULL attention. I’m usually holding a baby, or randomly decorating the space around it, while I’m busting out a post.

You see, slowing down, taking it in, stopping to smell the roses doesn’t mean your defeated. It doesn’t make you weak. It makes you smarter and more joyful. Why? Well because memories are the things that the human soul lives for. Those little moments of reference you need down the road that brings a smile to your face.


  1. Will I remember all the laughs, smells, smirks, tears and joys of parenthood?
  2. Will I remember the hard work, long hours, creative highs,pure passion and excitement of blogging?
  3. Will I remember how it feels to walk around a grocery store and think of something romantic for my marriage, just because?
  4. Will I remember how great it was to help a friend because I was actually present enough to know that they needed us?


I want to remember. So this year, I will be present. No matter what I’m doing or where I am. I will be there!


What’s your word this year? Share with us!


  1. Love this. so good to take a step back and be there for the moment. I too do a word for the year, mine this year is PEACE.
    Andrea Worley recently posted..Christmas 2012 Re-CapMy Profile

  2. My word for the year is “committed”. I need to be committed to being healthy, committed to reading the Bible and spending time with God, committed to getting my finances in order and, on some particularly rough days, feel like I need to be committed to the funny farm. :-)

    • I love this one too Deb:0) I have a lot of things to be committed too this year. I pray this will be YOUR year! Love you to pieces! xoxo

  3. In addition to sharing your thoughts about being present, my focus this year will be on finishing strong. Often times we leave things unfinished for various reasons. Sometimes finishing something is just as hard as getting started. This year I commit to finishing EVERYTHING I start and not just simply completing it, but doing it to the best of my ability.

    • LOVE this one too Erika:0) Man, do I know how to start a project…but finishing, not so much! I cant wait to see what things you will be working on this year!

  4. My word of the year is ‘Work’. I’ve been an underemployed consultant for 5 years while I look for FT work. As I face my personal fiscal cliff, I pray/search/network my way to meaningful work and debt elimination.

  5. Hey! You took my word! Ha. :) I didn’t do a post on it but another friend asked facebook readers to think of a word for 2013 and I chose present. For probably the exact same reasons as you!! I don’t want to be the mom with a computer in her lap!
    Erin @ Two Story Cottage recently posted..One – A – Day Organizing for January {drawers, photos}My Profile

  6. How lovely! I think this is great to aspire to. So wonderfully important. I chose “Adventure” as my word. Perhaps, that just means being Present too (for opportunity and self, but nonetheless :])
    Shauna recently posted..I Have Chosen My Word for 2013 (and it’s going to make for one interesting year)My Profile

  7. I KNOW You can do it girl!!!! Your adorable! xoxo


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