Working on the boys room…step one.. STRIPES!

I know MY number one rule when it comes to decorating is try to “finish” one room and move on to the next, but I couldn’t help myself with this! You see when we found out we were pregnant with Miss Alivya, it just happened to be the same week we moved into our NEW HOUSE and boy was I sick! I mean like I couldn’t even help myself, let alone anyone else! So for the first six months….I just layed down. But when we found out that we were having a girl…I immediately put a plan together for Alivya’s room and left the boys room in the dust! lol So even though I still have one more project before Alivya’s room is complete…I started painting the boys room this weekend!

Before I even start a room I always come up with some type of vision…if it’s a small area, I will usually keep it in my head but for bigger rooms like this one…I write it down, get paint samples, and decided what furniture to keep and what to add, and sometimes I will make a timeline, so that I can buy things little by little.I don’t ever start with a budget…lol! Not because I don’t NEED one but because I feel it limits me. I usually dream BIG and find away to make it happen with as little money as possible!:0) In the end, I end up saving ALOT of money:0)
My original plan for the boys room was to do something with whites and blues…maybe something nautical…with boats..awwww…so cute…and soooo SWEET!  But I soon realized that it was MY plan and not the boys:0) They don’t even like boats…lol!
Every time the boys would take a nap, they would name the colors on their sheets…red,blue,different blue…lol..grey, green and white. It was so cute. Anytime I would asked them what their favorite colors where, between the two of them they would name off these colors! lol. So I knew there was no way around having just a full out ALL BOY room. I usually never have character theme rooms because they change their minds like every week! One days it’s all about McQueen, then Diego, maybe even MickeyMouseClubhouse…Bear’s new obsession is Little Einsteins and Kel’s is Chugginton…which actually a really cute show:0) So with all that, I decided to do just a color scheme and add all of their favorite things…tastefully as possible…lol
Here is the inspiration board I put together for the boys room awhile ago I really suggest you do this if your a visual person like ME….Check it out at POLYVORE.
It all started off with the $6.00 bed set I got at Target on clearance:0) STRIPES…soooo original right?? hehehe. But none the less ALL BOY!

So here is a little glimpse of it so far….
We started late Friday by prepping with tape…..using a laser leveler.
Next  we “sealed” the lines using this technique……
So our lines would look like THIS…

Instead of like THIS…
After 10 long hours of painting….and sealing..and resealing..
We got just what we were looking for…
Even after sealing I still have a gazillion touch ups to do:0) But we love the result. Reggie had a lot of great ideas for this room! He really appreciates the fact that I take the time to do stuff like this…excpecially when its all done! Even though I had to drag him along…we had so much fun doing it…laughing…A LOT and singing and dancing..hahaha. You know how GREAT his voice is:0) We got a chance to spend some good time together…I am guessing next week he will pay me back by having me sit through another Playoff Game:0) But I don’t mind! Well keep checking back as I finish this room..adding furniture…and all the other lovely things I find! Big Reveal Coming SOON;0)


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it!!!!! I know it’s going to be amazing. I cannot wait to see the ending result! We are going to be doing the playroom for the children soon and I need your creative juices to help me out!

  2. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see the end result! Ps- thanks for the mood board tip I’ll have to check that out!

  3. “they don’t even like boats” LOL That cracked me up!

    This is just the cutest & I love the tips you give when painting stripes, to prevent the ‘bleeding’ that occurs when removing the tape. :)

    You are so gifted – I’m excited to see more! :)

  4. It’s looking really great! Can’t wait to see the final additions!

  5. Absolutely awesome!!!! I love that you and reggie did it together! That was the most awesome part…ofcourse the stripes were too! LOL ;) Love your beautiful creative mind! You absolutely continue to inspire… keep it up!

  6. I have two little boys that share a room and I would LOVE to do something like this. Can’t wait to see your end result.

  7. Love those colors!
    My husband and I have finally finished painting every single room in our house, woohoo, and we use clear paintable caulking. Put a pea size amount on your finger, smear a super thin layer along the edge of the tape/wall, dries in minutes and then paint. When your walls have dried, pull the tape off and you have laser beam straight lines. The caulking is fantastic to prevent bleeding, especially on those textured walls.

  8. just found your blog and girl, you are one talented lady! I am having fun reading all your posts.



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